Drainage submersible pumps GM10

Drainage submersible pumps GM10

Submersible drainage pumps made of composite polymers designed specifically for this type of pump. These are corrosion-resistant stainless materials, non-deformable at maximum temperature differences in the motor and pump, resistant to internal and external influences. The shaft is made of AISI 430 chrome steel. There are three O-rings made of NBR material on the bulk. Minimum dimensions and maximum performance, versatile applications, flow rates up to 200 l/min. Using a float switch for automatic start and stop.

Pumping lightly polluted or clean water, bathtubs or drainage of flooded rooms.
Water intake from streams, ponds, rainwater wells.
When used outside, the length of the power cable must not be less than 10 m.

Operating limits:
- Maximum fluid temperature during continuous operation - 30°C (with engine submerged).
- Immersion depth: max. 5 m (with appropriate cable length).
- Not suitable for continuous operation for a long time.



n = 2900 rpm

220BkWQ(m3/h)Q(l/min)H (m)
GM 100.30 - 120 - 2007.5 - 2.2

Drainage submersible pumps GM10

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