Replacement and analogues of Pedrollo pumps and ETsV and BCP pumps

Replacement and analogues of Pedrollo pumps and ETsV and BCP pumps

Ersatz und Analoga von Pedrollo- und ECV-Pumpen und BCP

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Ersatz einiger Arten von BCP- und ETsV-Pumpen durch Pedrollo-Pumpen
ETsV BohrlochpumpenPedrollo Pumps
PumpenmarkeDurchfluss, m3/hAktuell, АLeistung, kWPumpenmarke
BTsP 0,5-18 1,441830.74SKm 100 4BLOCKm 2/10
BCP 0,5-401,44404,50.954SKm100
BCP 0,5-631,44636,51,54SRm 1,5/13 4BLOCKM 2/10
BCP 0,63-122,261230,74SRm 1,5/6 4BLOCKm 2/10
BCP 0,63-182,26183,50.754SRm 1.5/6 4BLOCKm 2/10
BCP 0,63-257,2-e 2540.854SRm 1.5/6 4BlOCKm 2/10
BCP 0,63-402,254061,284SRm 1,5/13 4BLOCKm 2/10
ETSV4-2,5-652,5653,81,14SR 2/134BLOCK 2/13
ETSV4-2,5-802,5804,21,14SR 2/204BIOCK 2/20
ETSV4-2,5-1002,51006,51,54SR 2/204BLOCK 2/20
ETSV4-2,5-1202,512082,24SR 2/17 
ETsV4-6,5-706,57082,24SR 6/134BLOCK 6/13
ETSV4-6,5-856,5851134SR 6/17 
ECV4-6,5-1156,51151244SR 6/23 
ECV4-6,5-1306,513014,55,54SR 6/31 
ETSV4-6,5-1506,5150165,54SR 6/31 
3ЦВ4-10-4010409,534SR 10/10 
ECV4-10-5510559,534SR 10/15 
ECV4-10-7010701044SR 10/15 
ECV4-10-851085135,54SR 10/26 
ETsV4-10-951095155,54SR 10/26 
ETSV4-10-11010110165,54SR 10/35 
ETSV5-6,5-806,5801034SR 6/17 
ETSV6-4-704704,62,24SR 4/144BLOCK 4/14
ETSV6-4-1304130844SR 4/26 
ECV6-6,5-606,5605,52,24SR 6/134BLOCK 6/13
ECW6-10-5010505,82,26SR 27/27 
ETsV8-25-3002530072326SR 2727 


Tabelle der Aquarius BTsPE-Pumpe Analoga

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NameLEISTUNG, QDRUCK, MaquaticaPedrolloCalpedaTOP
Aquarius Pumpe BTsPE 0.5-16U*1.816

Aquarius Pumpe BTsPE 0.5-25U*1.8257774404SEM2/4
Aquarius Pumpe BTsPE 0.5-32U*1.8327774424SEM2/6
Aquarius Pumpe BTsPE 0.5-40U*1.8407774434SEM2/74BLOCKm2/10
BTsPE Aquarius Pumpe 0,5-50U*1.8507774454SEM2/94SR2m/104SDFM16/14EC4SDM2/10
Aquarius Pumpe BTsPE 0.5-63U*1.8637774464SEM2/114SR2m/134SDFM16/19EC4SDM2/10
BTsPE Aquarius Pump 0.5-80U*1.8807774474SEM2/144SR2m/20

Aquarius Pumpe BTsPE 0.5-100U*1.8100

BTSPEU Aquarius Pump 0.5-16U*1.816

BTSPEU Aquarius Pump 0.5-25U*1.825

BTSPEU Aquarius Pump 0.5-32U*1.832

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